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Dollies & Positioning

  • ATW10004 & ATW10013 Dolly Tire Western Sling Company Graphic - Made in the USA

    Dolly Tire | LoadStar by Kenda

    Our dolly tires and tire/wheel combos are the Kenda LoadStar, well known for their durability and reliability. We stock two (2) tire sizes: ATW10004 - 480-8 Class C K371 Tire ATW10013 - 570-8 Class D K353 Tire

  • Carrier Tire Skate by all-Grip Western Sling Company Graphic - Imported

    Carrier Tire Skates | 15-1/2" L x 3-1/2" L x 3-1/2" H

    Skates are made to make loading of damaged vehicles easier. The wheel can be positioned onto the skate and then the vehicle can be sidded and slid up onto the carrier deck. Special proprietary HDPE material for toughness and strength. Sold as each...

  • T001 2100 BlackJack21 Surface Mount

    BlackJack21 Surface Mount | 4.25" x 4.25" x 6" Tall

    These handy mounts are bolted to the wrecker deck by four bolts and nuts (supplied). They make the vertical storage of the BlackJack21 very convenient and secure. There is a lynch pin with keeper held by a lanyard that contains the rack bar of the...