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  • V10™ G100 Coupling Link Western Sling Company Graphic - 5 Sizes

    V10™ Alloy Coupling Link | G100

    The V10™  Coupling Link is an essential component of mechanically coupled slings and is primarily used to connect chain sling legs to the master link or fittings. All V10™  fittings are engineered to outperform market...

  • Peerless® Master Link Sub-Assembly Western Sling Company Graphic - 4 Sizes

    Peerless® Master Link Sub-Assembly

    FINISH - Master links are tumble finished STANDARDS - Certified to OSHA and ASME standards HEAT TREATED - Master links are welded, heat treated and proof tested ORIGIN - Made in USA APPLICATION - Overhead Lifting MATERIAL - 8620 alloy steel IMPORTANT...

  • Peerless® Oblong Masterlink Western Sling Company Graphic - 6 Sizes

    Peerless® Oblong Masterlink

    For use with G80 & G100 Alloy Chain SlingsProudly Made in the USA Welded & Forged Alloy Steel with either a self-colored or powder coated finish Peerless exceeds ASTM A906 & A952 requirements All oblong master links are proof tested Forged...