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Load Binders

  • DR-1-Plus Durabilt Load Binder DFX-12 Durabilt Load Binder

    Durabilt Load Binders

    Durabilt by Durbin has been associated with high quality load securement for over 100 years. Their focus on specialty industries has led them to develop many types of load binders which have special application in the truck equipment markets. They offer...

  • H5125.0658 QuickBinder Ratchet Loadbinder H5125.0858 QuickBinder Ratchet Loadbinder

    QuickBinder Ratchet Loadbinder

    This loadbinder is unlike any other binder available today. The folding handle makes the QuikBinder safer (no handle sticking out) and more convenient to use. Simply fold the handle down after the load is secure or when storing on your cab rack.  

  • 40000P Grade 100 Alloy Ratchet Loadbinder Western Sling Company Graphic - HiVis

    Grade 100 Alloy Ratchet Loadbinder | WLL 8,800

    This loadbinder is similar to our Ratchet Type Loadbinder, but it is made of special Alloy steel which increases its capacity. It is fully rated for most grades of chain including Grade 100. One of the strongest binders on the market. Min/Max Chain...

  • 48404P Ratchet Type Loadbinder Western Sling Company Graphic - Hi-Vis

    Ratchet Type Loadbinder | Hi-Vis

    This loadbinder features continuous take-up and infinite adjustment, getting that last half link of chain. Easy operating positive ratchet. Hi-Vis All models Barrel Length, 10" All models Take-up, 8" *SKU #48404P is fully rated for Grade 70 Transport. ...

  • 4410-00320 Lever Loadbinder Western Sling Company Graphic - Hi-Vis

    Lever Loadbinder | Hi-Vis

    Forged steel Quenced and tempered Binder toggles away from the load SKU #4410-00320 is fully rated for Grade 70 transport.