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Winch Lines

  • 16302 VitALife® Wire Rope Lube

    VitALife® Wire Rope Lube | 12 Oz. Aerosol Spray Can

    Good lubrication of wire rope offers protection against corrosion and minimizes metal to metal contact between individual wires, while reducing wear on the rope, winch drum and sheaves. Available in 12 oz. aerosol form spray can.

  • BS-94 Boom Support Cable Western Sling Company Graphic - 6 Sizes

    Boom Support Cables 3/8" x 38'

    There are wreckers and older equipment that still require the use of Boom Support lines. These are the same as factory replacements. Constructed of 6x19 Eip Fibercore wire rope with a flemished thimbled eye at one end. Other end plain.

  • WRX Steel Core Wire Rope Extensions Western Sling Company Graphic - 2 Sizes

    WRX Steel Core Wire Rope Extensions

    Need to lengthen your winchline? These wire rope extensions provide you that need. Place your winchline hook into the thimbled eye of the extension and you've increased the length of your line by 50 ft. Steel core. (IWRC)  Packed in a heavy duty...

  • SuperFlex Large Diameter Wire Rope - 6x37 Class Steel Core With Swivel Hook Western Sling Company Graphic - 9 Sizes

    Type SFSS all-Grip SuperFlex Large Diameter Wire Rope

    Larger wreckers and rotators are in many ways more of a crane than a wrecker. The tonnages, drum and wire rope sizes continue to increase. Our SuperFlex wire rope will give better performance and increased longevity. This is accomplished with the...